Final Destination – The Show

Overworld, have just released a new single (you can hear it above) and this Saturday we had a a show as a release gig at Huset in Huddinge (Sweden, Stockholm.)

The entire band did fit somehow in the narrow backstage area. It became much harder though when “Rockbladet came for a video interview.  We did manage, barely, but as we say in Swedish “Where there is room for the heart there is room for the butt”
(awesome translation! I know 😀 ).
I’ll post about the interview later on.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 7.58.25 PM

From @AndieOverworlds instagram. Endigo, Lynx, Nikke and Kaz backstage.

I haven’t been this nervous as I was in a long time. It was probably because we’ve been working really hard on getting this show the best it can be. I didn’t have a clue on how many people would come though. We only sold the tickets at the door this time. But, I didn’t care, I still wanted this to be the best damn show we’ve ever given.

We heard our guest band, Stains, begin outside. I had to go to the bathroom. That’s what you do when you get nervous. You go to the bathroom. Fill the toilet with your crap, get the nervous out of your system.

It felt like a second, and then Stains played their last song and the crowd went out. That was our cue to get our shit together and get our asses up on the stage. The curtain was closed behind us as the crowd entered again. I heard them running, screaming (saying wooaaahoo? ) as they were getting as close to the stage they could. We all had our back towards the curtain, towards the audience and we still didn’t know how many actually was out there. It could go either way.
Our intro begun.

The electro-intro (credits to Endigo who made an awesome job on that!) ended with a ghostly “we’re Overworld”, and the intro for “Oblivion” (First song on the set list) begun. Our hands was high up in the air, and our backs was still towards the audience. I saw the shadow from the curtain, how it moved, how it opened. I heard the screams behind me. And so, on the first chord, I turned.

From the audience

And there they were, the audience – happier than ever, screaming, yelling (saying wooaooaoo? ) and I couldn’t get more excited. It was like the nervousness washed away instantly, and in its place, this electricity filled me with all its adrenaline rockin’, pure energy.

And we had our best damn show ever.

Photo by: Axel Borg Lynx and Endigo


How to suceed in life

I know that all of us are not that sure about our future. We all feel insecure about different things. It’s easy to feel alone and afraid when you let that feeling take over.
I’ve been in a statement of insecurity for quite a long period of time now. It’s not really like me, and the feeling has thrown me off my happy horse a lot of times now.

My thoughts have been circling around all kinds of things but it’s not like I’m insecure about my own ability, I still believe in myself in that sense.
It’s that “what I want to do” -deal that have been the problem lately. My heart has been wobbly. It feels one thing this day, something else another. But I guess (/hope) it is a normal thing to feel and that’s something we all hide inside of us. That’s why we all feel so alone, because everyone is hiding it underneath, never showing our fears.
I’ve succeeded with a lot of stuff in my life so far. I’ve come far and I want to go further. I’m proud of myself and my achievements.
It’s probably just a waste of time to feel insecure about things, I am however just that, pretty insecure.
I’m 100% sure though that even the most determined person have these  insecurities inside of him/her. To succeed in life as these determined people have, we just have to not let the darkness win and make sure you don’t stand still because of fear and just keep going, even when you hesitate.

That’s what I’ll do, I’ll keep walking, keep going, just pushing further and hope that one day, when my shoes are weary, I’ve found what I didn’t know I sought along the way.





I’m so busy… normally, people say that without really meaning it – but for the two weeks to come, I really mean it. I’ve cramped every single minute, planned almost every journey to every destination just to check that I’ll get there in time.

School, band, your own company and regular work. That’s quite the bad-ass combination I tell you!

Take a peep at the schedule here


found on google…


Hey Sugar Magazine – A Journey to the Interview

Suddenly time just came crashing down and I noticed I had to go. Like – NOW-.  There was no time to check if I had everything I needed, I just ran like a fool.

4 minutes. 

That’s what I had to get down to the train. And I got there in… 4 minutes.
I literally jumped into the train while the doors was closing behind me.
The people at the train probably saw me as a crazy person; sweating and catching my breath with monstrous inhales. 

If I ever sounded like Darth Vader, that was then. 


Lynx, Andie and Fanny – Interview with Hey Sugar Magazine

Ah, but fuck it you know. I got there in time at least. 
I played some Fire Emblem on the train to calm down.
Frederick and Lissa got to level S. ❤

So, after about 30 minutes on the train and another challenging sprint, I met up with Fanny from Hey Sugar Magazine  and Andie at Slussen in Stockholm. We decided on that Café Fåtöljen would be the perfect spot for the interview. I ordered a coffee and payed with my card and pass-port since I still can’t remember my PIN-code

Fanny was a really cool gal with blue hair.
Just to put it out there: Blue hair is awesome ❤ It’s too bad I don’t really fit in it.

She opened the interview with the question “How did you guys meet?” followed by questions about Social Media, our relationships with fans, our next steps etc.  I’ll post a link to the interview when it’s released! 

Right after that I met up with Nikke, and we had a spontaneous after work.
Yeah.. That was pretty much my day 🙂



Hamnfestivalen Oskarshamn – 2013


Nikke and I got good news.  Carola (our dear manager!) and the rest of the gang could pick us up on the way.
Sweet, that meant a good night sleep! All nice and dandy!

The next morning we remembered that we had to pay our rent before we went away.
I was ready to log in to my bank account when … I realized I had forgotten my PIN-code.

First of all, this never happens to me, I have quite the good memory for numbers. Secondly, I’m pretty sure it’s because I haven’t used the card in one whole month, since my economy has been on an absolute zero PLUS that I recently got a new VISA card after my former one got stolen.

So there I am, devastated about the whole situation. There was really nothing else to do except asking Nikke for help, and he did ( good guy Nikke always saves the day! ) And that was that.

Nothing more exciting happened that morning and we got ready and met up with the rest.

Nikke and me, getting ready.

Nikke and me, getting ready.


On every journey, there’s always the tired one, the mobile-surfing one, the gaming one, and the spicy (“hyper”) one.
This journey, I was the latest. I brought the heat to the car so to say with  AWESOME dance moves. To my defense, I really didn’t have anything else to do….

The Journey

  • The tired one   =  Nikke
  • The gaming one = Kaz & Kitcha
  • The mobile-surfing ones = Andie & Endigo
  • The Spicy ones = Me, Kitcha & Anton.
  •  The Driver =  Carola

And back again

  • The tired one   =  Kitcha
  • The gaming one = Kaz & Nikke & Andie
  • The mobile-surfing ones = Andie
  • The bored one = me
  • The Spicy one = no one :’C
  • The Driver = Anton


We made one more VERY IMPORTANT stop before arrival.


We made a stop on our way there: To the candy shop!
1. Me holding candy
2. Kitcha being happy
3. Endigo thinking about what candy to pick

Soundcheck time was at 5 – 6 pm. We arrived exactly at 4:53.
After the soundcheck was over we headed straight to the hotel for preparations of the three big ups! Make-up, warm-up, pepp-up.
I noticed three major things on arrival worth mentioning.

  1. We got our own rooms for the first time. No sharing  😀
  3. I was to short for the bathroom mirror :’C
1. To short for mirror.. 2. Endless  free coffe,  3. My own bedroom

At the hotel.
1. To short for mirror..
2. Endless free coffee presented by Anton,
3. My own bedroom


But about one hour before that we arrived on site. We got immediately welcomed by fans. It was really nice!
At the stage a band was playing, and they had quite a nice audience.  Everyone was very calm though. So I kinda expected that from our own show as well. I should have known better.

The audience was wild! Didn’t expect that on this kind of festival! People danced and had fun, especially on Stellar and our special number. 

There was this super cute crazy lady there as well ❤ She kinda hanged onto the edge of the stage during the entire show. She literally grabbed my foot as hard as she could whenever she had the chance. Couldn’t really get angry at her though, she had this old-lady puppy face.
She was so cute but pretty fucked up :’ D .  


After the show we met up with even more fans! I was so surprised there were so many in Oskarshamn that knew about us.
It really made my day to see you all there ^_^ ❤
Endigo eloped with some lolita-gals to Blekinge and we other folks made some new friends on the dance floor at the festival ~

To sum it up, this was one hell of a weekend! In a good way!  😀


How to look like a rock star


Alright, so the theme of today is: The Rock star look.

As a somewhat famous bassist in a rock band I’ve frequently been asked  about on how to look like a rock star.  I never really had a good answer to that since I’ve never really been thinking about what makes rock look like a star… so I decided to dig deeper into the look and try to find the secret ingredient. For that, I had to ask myself a question.

What is a rock star today in means of looks? There are so many genres out there, but anyone who’s succeeded in a metal/rock/visual/screamo/core/whatever rockish genre is still labeled a rock star, even though it isn’t even rock. (like why not Metal star or Screamo star? )

So… What is the ingredient then?
Except the classic case of spikes and studs and lots of black leather and trashy jeans… there’s still something else to it!  Determined I could get the rock star look without all this (Don’t get me wrong, I love those things! ) I set out on a google adventure. However, wherever I looked, the rock star fashion still seemed to always include above mentioned clothing.

But then it hit me. The REAL thing. And it was so obvious too! (I mean really obvious… ) What really makes the look, and will get whatever clothing magically transform into a rock star look… is *drumroll*


    And    –       lots     –    of    ->       Attitude.

I know right?  I mean, anything rock = Sunglasses, even on a rainy day. (Behind our shades we hide our glaze of sorrow and mysterious pasts… 😉 )

I believe strongly that there are no cooler sunglasses than pilot, so I picked those as my weapon.
And with just a pair of cuddly pants, a top that actually is a skirt and a minimal amount of studs and spikes – VOILA! I give all y’all my rock star look:

To Cool For School The Rockstar look So you think you can climb?


  •   Skirt (used as a top)   —-  H&M, 99 SEK
  •   Pants                          —   H&M, 99 SEK
  •   Shoes                         —   H&M, 99 SEK
  •   Sunglasses                 —    ???  (Easy to find wherever, cheap. Just go to any marketplace. )

–  Total:  300 SEK/ $45 / €35

  •   Bracelet’s  & Headpiece                 —   H&M, Nelly, Lynx Fashion   ~  500 SEK